No Doubt Surprise Performer at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas!!!

Aaah,No Doubt is the surprise performer at Night 2 of KROQ’s annual Almost Acoustic Christmas show happening right now at the Gibson Amphitheatre in LA!!! The band has previously performed at the concert in 1995,1997,2000 and 2001,and of course Gwen performed a surprise duet with Bush at last night’s concert.

Gwen Onstage with Bush at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas

WOW! KROQ just tweeted that Gwen joined Gavin and his band Bush onstage tonight at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas show to sing Bush’s classic song,”Glycerine”! As most fans know,Gwen and Gavin met at the Almost Acoustic Christmas show back in 1995;Gwen joined Bush onstage in 2000,duetted with Gavin during No

Kevin And Bean Podcast and Article

We posted earlier that No Doubt was on Kevin and Bean this morning. Check out the podcast: Here is the article: In the beginning years of No Doubt’s roller-coaster 26-year spanning career, there were both tragic moments with the “big fish in a small pond” kingdom of the

Tom Tweets About ND’s Coolest Band Win

Aw,Tom tweeted about No Doubt winning KROQ’s Coolest SoCal Band vote today-congrats again to ND on their much-deserved victory!! Sometimes, it’s okay to gloat a little bit. 🙂 (Maybe its our fans who are actually the coolest!) -Tom EDIT-OMG,No Doubt has ReTweeted our tweet congratulating them on their Coolest


YAY,No Doubt has won the title of Coolest SoCal KROQ Band!!! Thanks to all the fans who voted and spread the word for No Doubt to win,and MUCH congratulations to the band on the well-deserved win!! announced No Doubt’s victory on its website and congratulated the band-over 12,000 votes