Tony was on Kevin And Bean This Morning

Tony was on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean this morning talking about the album. We will have the podcast up as soon as it is available. Until then, Sandra sent over a few highlights for us! Thanks 🙂

•This time around having kids dictated their writing schedule

• Making the album locally versus overseas (ie. jamaica, london) was better due to everyone having kids and being close to family

• They didn’t have the luxury of making too many songs and getting to choose which go on the album

• Had to make every song as good as it could possibly be.

• Tony actually sang with Gwen singing melodies until they got a chorus or verse right.

• They plan to do promo this year but maybe throw in some shows, who knows

• They also plan to go to Europe this year

• Never was the band who can make a specific type of music or write a hit every time. Whatever comes out, comes out.

• They hope people like the album but they know sometimes there won’t be a connection

• It was hard choosing a single and with the help and opinions of others, (friends and manager) settle down kept on coming up

• Settle Down does represent what is on the album but that there is also some rock/alternative on the record

• Took all the kids to NY. The man sitting in front of tony and erin on the plane kept on looking back and told erin how she should control her kid. Tony feels sorry for who ever sits near them on the plane

UPDATE: KROQ has posted some quotes from Tony’s interview-hopefully the podcast will be up soon!

When OC pop-rock icons No Doubt recorded their last album, the smash 2001 release Rock Steady, only drummer Adrian Young was married and none of the band members had children. Eleven years later and on the verge of finally revealing their sixth studio album, Push and Shove (due September 25) all four members are married and have eight kids between them. Not exactly the most conducive lifestyle for creating hot new party music.

“Especially for Gwen (Stefani) being a mom with two boys, you’re somewhat limited in studio hours that you can keep,” said Tony Kanal, No Doubt’s bass player in conversation with KROQ morning team Kevin & Bean. “When we made Rock Steady, we’d be in the studio all day, we’d go out and party all night. It was fueling and inspiring us. It was a different way of writing a record. This time, we’d get together about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so that way we could spend the whole day with our kids.”

Making the most of the time the No Doubt could spend in the studio writing and producing Push and Shove, they made a deliberate point of not rushing the process, no matter how long it took to get to the final result.

“We’re not the kind of band that can go in the studio and write a hit song in a day. It doesn’t work like that for us,” Kanal explained. “It takes us some time to craft our music. We have to get out there on stage and play these songs. At the end of the day, we’ve done this long enough to know that if you’re not happy with the songs, something’s not going to connect.”

While No Doubt fans continue counting the days until the release of Push and Shove, the band is set to perform as part of the annual season-starting NFL Kickoff game on Wednesday, September 5, alongside Mariah Carey.

Right-click and save as to download the interview here!

Also,thanks to our good friends at No Doubt Brazil for uploading the interview to youtube:

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