Tom Tweets About ND’s Coolest Band Win

Aw,Tom tweeted about No Doubt winning KROQ’s Coolest SoCal Band vote today-congrats again to ND on their much-deserved victory!!

Sometimes, it’s okay to gloat a little bit. šŸ™‚ (Maybe its our fans who are actually the coolest!) -Tom

EDIT-OMG,No Doubt has ReTweeted our tweet congratulating them on their Coolest KROQ Band victory! We are truly at a loss for words and feel so honored and thankful to No Doubt-they are truly the BEST!!!

@nodoubt Congrats again on winning the Coolest SoCal KROQ Band vote! You truly deserved it the most!! crew

On a personal note,No Doubt also ReTweeted my tweet(@lamb83) congratulating huge fan @GGNDRock (Hannah) on No Doubt mentioning her thread on the No Doubt forum about the Coolest KROQ Band vote-thank you so much,ND!!

@GGNDrock Hannah,congrats on @nodoubt tweeting the link to your thread about the @KROQ Coolest Band vote!!

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