Gwen interview for the Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle interviewed Gwen for their Monday issue (August 8th), but it’s available of subscribers only. EIT was able to get the complete interview and transcribe it below. Enjoy! By Glenn Gamboa NEWSDAY Gwen Stefani has new outlook on life I’m just going to celebrate that I was

Gwen’s interview for the Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has released a new interview with Gwen on August 6th. You can check it on their website ( or read it here: By Jon Bream Star Tribune (Minneapolis)   Gwen Stefani oozed sunshine over the phone. Not Southern California sunshine. But I’m-happy-in-life sunshine. Of course, it’s

Video Download: Gwen on Oprah Show

Hey guys! Per request I’m adding Gwen’s interview on the Oprah Show from 2005, during the L.A.M.B era! Click on the image to go to the donwload page. Special thanks to the sweet Heather from Greener Pastures for letting us using her video here on EITMedia! We love you Heather!