Urban Decay Creative Director Wende Zomnir Recalls Meeting Gwen

In a new interview with FashionWeekDaily,Urban Decay executive creative director Wende Zomnir recalls meeting Gwen back when she still lived in Los Feliz. As Gwenabees remember,Gwen has mentioned in the past how she was a fan of Urban Decay makeup.

Which famous faces have fawned over Urban Decay since the start?

Celebrity used to not be so handled; you used to just meet these people! I was obsessed with the band Garbage when we started. I managed to track down Shirley Manson in the middle of Wisconsin at their recording studio. I sent her all of these half-filled tester bottles with handmade labels. Shirley ended up being totally supportive, and one of our first fans. I met Gwen Stefani the same way, through the back when everything wasn’t done with all these contracts and lawyers. I met this girl who made clothes for Gwen; I remember going to Gwen’s house in Los Feliz and doing yoga on her patio

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