Harajuku Mini Line Praised by Target

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This is exciting! According to Seeking Alpha, Target mentioned in a recent press release how popular Gwen’s Harajuku Mini already is,even though it isn’t being launched at Target and on the store’s website until November. The line was one of the most popular posts on Target’s facebook page this year,and has been the #1 trending topic on sites like Yahoo! and Google. We are thrilled for all of the positive early buzz for the line,and wish Gwen and her entire Harajuku Mini team the very best when the line launches-it is sure to be a huge success,just like her other fashion lines!!

Later this fall, we’ll roll out a new exclusive kids live, Harajuku Mini by singer and designer Gwen Stefani. Although it’s not in stores yet, this line is already being praised on social media sites. It’s been one of our most popular Facebook posts of the year and the #1 trending topic on sites like Yahoo! and Google.

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