Vote For Your Favorite Pre-Tragic Kingdom Song

How awesome is this?! No Doubt announced on the official site that as they are rehearsing and putting together a setlist for their upcoming Gibson shows,they want the fans to share their favorite pre-Tragic Kingdom song! We can vote for our favorite songs from the self-titled and Beacon Street Collection albums on Twitter and facebook by following the instructions below-be sure to vote for your favorite and hopefully No Doubt will perform it live!

No Doubt headed back into rehearsals this week to get ready for their upcoming shows at The Gibson Amphitheatre. As the band puts their set list together they want to know your favorite pre-Tragic Kingdom song.
Vote for your favorite song from the band’s first two studio albums using the steps below:
1.) Twitter – Use #NoDoubt and any of the following hash tags to vote for your favorite song from the band’s first studio album No Doubt.
#BND                      #BigCityTrain
#LetsGetBack          #TrappedInABox
#Ache                     #Sometimes
#GetOnTheBall        #Sinking
#MoveOn                #ALittleSomethingRefreshing
#SadForMe             #Paulina
#Doormat               #BrandNewDay
2,) Facebook – Vote for your favorite song from The Beacon Street Collection in the poll right here.


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