New Tweet & New Song Title: ”Push and Shove”

Yay,thanks to Tom for sharing yet another new song title-wishing ND all the best as they work on ”Push and Shove” tonight!!!

Today’s track is entitled “Push and Shove” Wish I could disclose more than a title. 🙂 -Tom

EDIT-More tweets! WOW,ND is working on 3 different songs tonightat the same time,and it’s been further confirmed that the band is working with Major Lazer! Thanks again to Tom for all the updates-we appreciate them!!

@majorlazer in one of those rooms. Cutting drums with Adrian at the moment. -Tom

We’re working on 3 different songs 2nite in 3 different rooms in the same studio complex, all at once. Like magic, somehow it works. -Tom

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