ND Tweeting Spree-New Song Title!

WOW,No Doubt is on another tweeting spree tonight!! They are working in a new studio recording songs all this month and revealed another new song title,”Heaven”!! MUCH congratulations to the band on reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter,and congrats to the lucky fans whose tweets were ReTweeted by the band tonight!!

In a new studio…recording more new No Doubt tunes all July. “Heaven”-sounding tight- Gotta find the bueno local burrito joints… -Tom

Drums forever! yfrog.com/kemwnjj

i cant wait for @nodoubt ‘s new album…..so i can bump it going down Compton Blvd. not giving one fuck.


@nodoubt YEAH! more than 100,000 followers. Cool!!

“@cruelbones: Hey @nodoubt do any of you have individual twitter accounts? x” Nope. Gwen, Tony, Adrian and I are only @nodoubt 🙂 -Tom

I’ve been looking though our twittfans profiles and you folks are all quite stylish and good-looking. thx for pushing us to 100,000+! -Tom

“@FishinForKyle: @nodoubt please tell me you’re making some baby makin music?” Well we are clearly good at baby-makin’! 🙂 -Tom

“@RrHilton: @nodoubt when is the new album coming out? This year or next year?” We want it out ASAP so bad. Soon as it’s done & great. -Tom

@nodoubt I can’t wait for the album and I hope there’s a tour! I saw you guys three times on the 2009 tour and it was absolutely amazing

Can’t wait for the new @nodoubt record!! I have a feeling its going to blow everyones weenies off, as always.

Studio = spaceship. yfrog.com/ki2kcdjj

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