New Tweets: Headed to Vegas for iHeartRadio Music Festival

The band is tweeting that they are headed to Las Vegas today for their opening performance at the iHeartRadio Music Frestival at the MGM Grand tomorrow night!! We wish them safe travels and an awesome show! @GabrialMcNair Las Vega$, Here I come! @baxterbeezyCold chillin @GabrialMcNair Hello, Vegas! Steve Bradley

New Tweets: Early Morning Flight!

No Doubt just tweeted that they are preparing for an early morning flight-wishing them safe travels!! @TonyKanal Early morning flight @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND @nodoubt @TonyKanal Ready for take off @gwenstefani @nodoubt @TomDumontND @BaxterBeezy @nodoubt mile high friendship hug @TomDumontND @TonyKanal @gwenstefani @AdrianYoungND @GabrialMcNair @BaxterBeezy safe landing! Look

Tony is Tweeting!

Tony says: @nodoubt More interviews today. My turn @AdrianYoungND getting ready Yay,Gabe and Steve were at the interview session today,as well-Gabe shared that we will get to see these interviews right before the new album is released! @GabrialMcNair Good Interview today! @GabrialMcNair Stevie’s turn!!! @GabrialMcNair @beaconstreet

Tom is Tweeting

Tom is teasing us! No Doubt and El Mac Also you can check out El Mac’s work here: UPDATE: No Doubt just tweeted: It’s coming in less than ONE hour exclusively on! UPDATE: Tom just tweeted: @WelcomeToTheTK we’re back at mastering today, website updates come from Interscope, be

Big Surprise Today!

No Doubt has been teasing fans, telling us we will get a big surprise today! What could it be? Maybe the album cover? Tony just tweeted: @nodoubt world premiere of something awesome on today…stay tuned!