Gavin Rossdale Talks ‘The Voice’: ‘I’d Definitely Vote for Team Gwen!’

Yahoo! Music sat down with Gavin Rossdale and they talked about his collaboration with Gwen as her mentor on the new The Voice Season that is set to premiere on September 22 on NBC. He said he “was just sort of surprised I got asked!” but the decision was a no brainer. When asked if he thinks Gwen could win the competition he says “I hope so! I would definitely vote for her,” he says. “I saw so many great singers on her team. I think she definitely has a good chance.”

Yahoo! Music: Gavin Rossdale, frontman of Bush and longtime husband of new Voice coach Gwen Stefani, recently signed up to be a Team Gwen adviser in Season 7. This was surprising (and exciting) news to some fans, since the two pop-rock stars rarely perform together and usually keep their personal relationship out of the media spotlight. But Gavin tells Yahoo Music that the decision was a no-brainer.

“I was just sort of surprised I got asked!” he laughs. “It didn’t really come down to thinking about it. It’s clearly an incredible platform for people that make music, an incredible way to let people know what you’re up to, what you’re like.
“[The Voice people] are great people to work with. When they first came to the house, to interview Gwen, I sat in on the meeting with her, just for support and a bit of vibe, and I was blown away by them… [So] when the opportunity came up, it really wasn’t anything to think about. It’s really good for anyone who’s interested in reaching people.”

Going on The Voice will surely be a great way to reach fans and get the word out that Bush’s new album, Man On the Run (the follow-up to 2011’s reunion effort The Sea of Memories), is out Oct. 21. But when asked if he would have ever tried out for The Voice, as a contestant, if the show had existed when he was first starting out, Gavin balks a bit.

“I might have done it, but I don’t think I would have got very far! I was on a steep learning curve; I wasn’t quite ready for The Voice! I’m proud of the way we did it, though, coming up through pubs and clubs and living that whole life — that amount of rejection and failure really sets you up for something good in your life.”

Gavin is mum regarding details about what actually went down during Team Gwen’s mentoring sessions, which taped a few weeks ago, but he seems to think his wife has a real shot at winning Season 7. “I hope so! I would definitely vote for her,” he says. “I saw so many great singers on her team. I think she definitely has a good chance.”

The Voice Season 7 premieres Sept. 22; Bush’s Man On the Run comes out Oct. 21.

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