Photos of New Harajuku Mini Collection

Thanks to Lily for sharing photos of some of the kawaii items from the new Harajuku Mini collection she found at Target;the full collection is scheduled to hit Target stores and on February 12,and Harajuku Mini bedding will be available at select Target stores on February 17.


UPDATE: Thanks to Arielle for sharing more photos of the new collection,including a sheer black cardigan,white peplum shirt,bloomer shorts and striped and polka dot shirts-and how cute is the cheetah print dress?!






UPDATE 2: Thanks to Desi for sharing her photo of a few more kawaii items from the new collection,including the ”Super G” themed shirt,jacket and cheetah print purse with a Super G charm.


3 thoughts on “Photos of New Harajuku Mini Collection

  1. kayla says:

    tis there going to be harajuku at target after this collection yes or no

    1. Rosie says:

      Gwen had mentioned there would be more collections this year so yes,there likely be another new collection in a few months. 🙂


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