More Details on Harajuku Mini Line at Target

Thanks to GwenStefaniFan on the No Doubt forum for sharing more info on the new ”Harajuku Mini” line available exclusively at Target;apparantly,some Target stores are carrying up to 6 different styles of bags and backpacks. We had posted photos of the Harajuku Nerdy Printed Backpack,the Harajuku Plaid Backpack and what we believe to be the Harajuku G Tote or Harajuku Jersey Messenger Bag HERE and HERE. Has anyone seen any of the other bags in their local Targets? If so,feel free to send in photos! šŸ™‚

I work for Target and according to our system, some stores have up to 6 types of bags. My store only has one backpack and one messenger bag, but I am going to go to another store in my area to look at the others. Here’s the description and item number for all of the bags in our system:

Harajuku Jersey Messenger Bag: 069-00-0932

Harajuku Plaid Backpack: 069-00-0933

Harajuku Jersey Backpack: 069-00-0960

Harajuku Nerdy Printed Backpack: 069-00-0934

Harajuku Plaid Messenger Bag: 069-00-0959

Harajuku G Tote: 069-00-0961

*UPDATE* Thanks to ImANoDoubtFreak4Ever from the No Doubt forum for sharing,the Harajuku Mini backpacks and messenger bags will be on sale at Target for $15 next week(the sale starts tomorrow,July 17.)

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