Reminder:Lazarus Effect Docu Airing Tonight

Just to remind,The Lazarus Effect documentary is airing tonight,May 24th,on HBO;it chronicles how the lives of four African people afflicted with AIDS were transformed by a new treatment for HIV/AIDS,which involves two antiretroviral pills that cost only 40 cents per day.While Gwen herself is not featured in the documentary,she did appear in the promo for it as seen below,and the documentary is still worth watching to witness the remarkable effect the treatment had on the lives of the AIDS victims and to raise awareness of the life-saving (RED) Campaign. The Lazarus Effect airs on HBO tonight at 9 PM EST and Channel 4 in the UK at 11 PM GMT,and also will stream on YouTube starting at 9:30 PM EST.

Gwen recently teamed up with (RED) – the brand designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa – to raise awareness and spread the word about The Lazarus Effect. “The Lazarus Effect” refers to the transformation that can take place when someone living with HIV has access to 2 antiretroviral pills that cost as little as 40 cents a day. They can live a full life with HIV instead of dying from AIDS.

On May 24th (RED) will premiere “The Lazarus Effect” film on HBO at 9pmET, YouTube at 9:30pmET and Channel 4 in the UK at 11pmGMT.

Check out this video that shows Gwen and other friends of (RED) showing the power of what 40 cents can buy:

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