On A Blue Streak

Gwen’s blue-hued hairdo from the 1998 MTV Music Awards has been featured in a gallery of photos at MTV.com of fellow celebs who have sported blue hair:
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In addition to premiering the teaser for her new video and running through a fantastically sun-soaked performance of her latest hit “California Gurls,” Katy Perry managed to turn a few heads in another way at Sunday night’s (June 6) 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Perry, always forward-thinking when it comes to fashion, showed up to the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles with shiny blue hair. And we’re not talking old people blue, either — this was bold, electric blue. Call it “Smurf Blue” (which is appropriate considering that Perry will be playing Smurfette in the upcoming “Smurfs” movie).

Perry is part of a larger trend. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton plays fast and loose with his hair color, and sharp blues often show up on top of his head (at Tuesday night’s LOGO NewNowNext Awards, Hilton his the red carpet with a blue coif). Kelis often dropped a bit of blue into her mane last year, and Gwen Stefani famously shifted to blue for a portion of the original run of No Doubt back in the late ’90s.

But they all are really just tipping their collective hat to Marge Simpson, the woman who originally made it cool to drop a little blue on top of your head (though Marge never did really bring the giant beehive into the mainstream — save for some pockets just outside of Baltimore). Based on flashbacks we’ve seen on “The Simpsons,” Marge has been sporting blue since the ’60s, which makes her the originator of the style — with Perry happy to carry her torch.

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