Gwen in Snakkle’s Gallery of 11 Former Tomboys Who Rock the Red Carpet

Gwen is featured in Snakkle’s gallery of 11 Former Tomboys Who Rock the Red Carpet;they compare her high-school swimming team past with her current status as a red carpet style icon.

Being a tomboy means embracing an empowered and confident girlhood. But it doesn’t mean you can’t also be all things sassy and girly. Several of Hollywood’s cutest current stars cop to embracing a tomboy lifestyle as girls. Just who are the happening hotties who went from kicking the soccer ball to kicking up their heels? Snakkle investigates.

Gwen Stefani—Today

Clearly making a fashion splash since childhood—seriously, is she rocking eyeliner in the pool?—the front woman for No Doubt is proud of her sporty past. When Elle magazine asked her to compare herself to the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, she owned her sporty image. “I don’t see myself in those girls. I usually put pants on. I see these girls as more going for the sex-symbol thing. I was more, in the band, like a tomboy,” said Gwen. Today, the singer/designer successfully channels her sporty fashion sense onto the red carpet.

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