Gavin Mentions Gwen in New Interview


Kind of a slow news week so far,but,thanks to, here’s a snippet of a new interview Gavin gave recently to LA Confidential Magazine where he mentions that he and Gwen like to keep things separate when it comes to their music and that they don’t force Kingston and Zuma to be musically inclined,but encourage them to pursue whatever avenues they like.Nothing really new that hasn’t been said before,but just thought I’d post it.

Who are you listening to you on your iPod right now?
GR: Zola Jesus. I can’t stop playing [her new record]. I really like Interpol. I’ve got Verdi, Buddy Guy, Fauré’s “Requiem,” Albert King and Benjamin Britten’s “War Requiem.” I’m just obsessed with requiems—they’re so mournful, but I like that. Gwen thinks my choice in music is really depressing.

Speaking of your wife, do you two help each other creatively when it comes to music?
GR: No. What you get is the understanding of the demands and scheduling, you know, so that’s what I don’t have to explain. The rest of it is healthily separate.

Are your kids showing any inclination toward music?
GR: Yes, but we’re not trying to force it on them. You leave all the avenues open—creative, physical, artistic—and let them go down the path they want. So it’s just about making sure the guitars and drum kits in the house are small enough. Let the noise begin!

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