Gabe McNair & Wife Expecting Baby

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Thanks very much to IngenTvil from the official forum for sharing,there is a new interview with Gabrial McNair here where he reveals that he and his wife,actress and producer Lene Pedersen Andørja,are expecting a baby in May and that they are living part-time in Tromsø,Norway,where Gabe is currently the production manager of a winter show at the Norwegian Theatre.Gabe explained that he has no plans to leave No Doubt,and that after the birth of their baby,he and his family will llive alternately in Los Angeles and Norway.The article is in Norwegian,but here is a rough translation:

Gabrial McNair have both played keyboards, trombone, guitar and drums in No Doubt since 1993. Now he lives in Tromsø.

McNair is married to actress and producer Lene Pedersen Andørja, and after several years together in the U.S., thought they it was time to get home in Tromsø.

– I would like to learn more about Lenes background and where she comes from. Northern Norway is so important to her that I feel I must know it, “said McNair.

– And for me it feels important to show this Gabrial, which is my home, “says Lene Pedersen.

Declined the Etheridge
Gabrial McNair has previously toured with other big bands. With Green Day during their Nimrod and Warning-tours with Smashing Pumpkins during their 20-year anniversary in 2008. And just before they moved to Tromsø ticking it into a new tour offerings:

– Yes, I was contacted by Melissa Etheridge, who wondered if I could join her tour. It was not easy to say no, but there are more chances, smiling McNair.

Norway was more important this time, both because the figures to put up the show Winter at the Norwegian Theatre in April and because it was not felt appropriate to be on the road at the time of the impending birth. And after the shows in Oslo, it is simply not the time to travel to the United States before the term 20 May.

– Gabrial is the production manager of Winter here in Norway, and is thus very involved, “says Lene Pedersen.

McNair has also composed music for the play and stands for the multivisuelle expression.

Refrigeration and snøsjokk
He grew up in Los Angeles (LA) and has lived there all his life. Now they will initially stay in Tromsø in six months. So they live alternately in LA and Tromsø.

– This is the longest I have lived outside of LA, and I like it already. I have always dreamed of such an experience, “he said.

– And what about all the snow and cold so far?

– It was a shock, yes, but I feel acclimatized after only two weeks. It’s incredibly beautiful here and quite different from LA, he smiles.

Jazz Dream was No Doubt
McNair is a trained musician and studied jazz and music composition at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts with Charlie Haden, among others.

– I had a dream that time to play jazz in Europe and at the same time composing music for film. But then the words a little of this side project, he says, thinking of No Doubt.

Since 1993, before the band broke through, he has been a regular on the touring musician and has played on all the plates to the American super group that has Gwen Stefani as the front runner. On the last tour, he was also musical director.

– It has been really fun to follow a band that suddenly turns through and be big, “he said. – Inspiring

McNair has no plans to leave the job in No Doubt, although he now lives in Tromsø.

– Currently sitting at home in the U.S. and create new songs, so there’s no active while we live here, “he said.

– It was the way to No Doubt I visited Norway for the first time, and I remember well. Now I look forward to getting to know new people in the north. “All” jobs in the entertainment industry in LA, while people here doing real things. It’s inspiring.

To dream of composing music for film students. He has already made music for television series and a number of indie films, including LA Ricochet, which his wife Lene player and producer.

MUCH congratulations to Gabe and his wife and their upcoming blessed arrival!! 😀

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