Danilo is Part of Gwen's Family


From People Style Watch:Gwen Stefani has no shortage of fans, but there’s one in particular that she always keeps close to her heart–and head! The designer’s longtime hairstylist Danilo was backstage at the designer’s L.A.M.B. show during New York Fashion Week, creating messy, ethnically-inspired braids for Gwen’s stable of models–and for the superstar herself. Aptly enough, the duo got their start working together at a fashion show years ago. “I was backstage doing hair for Vivienne Westwood, and [Gwen’s] makeup artist at the time really wanted us to meet,” Danilo told PEOPLE of their first encounter. “Little did either of us know that it would be a mad love affair.” He continued, “We’re close. We do everything together. And we can’t get enough of it. We wish there was more to do. I get along with the husband, the kids, everybody. They have definitely been my second family.” Stefani returns the compliment, both professionally and personally. “He’s back there right now, making it all happen,” said Stefani enthusiastically, “I love him.” –Jeffrey Slonim

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