New Tweets: No Doubt Planning & Regrouping This Week,No Album Title Yet

Tom is yet again graciously replying to fans on Twitter,saying that the band is planning and regrouping this week,and that they have many things on the horizon,including another webisode. He also said that the band is still kicking around ideas for an album title and will be shooting the music video for the first single in mid-June-exciting!! Wishing them all the best with everything!!!

@nodoubternate we’ve been planning and regrouping this week. many things on the horizon, another webisode is in the works for sure.

@nodoubternate still kicking around some ideas, nothing certain yet. 🙂

mid-June, so very very soon :-)! “@beaconstreet: @TomDumontND Do you when you guys will be filming the new video yet?”

Tom also said that the band does have concepts for the music video,but need to keep them secret for now,and stated again that some tweaking remains to be done on the album.

Yes! But thats a secret and if I told you…“@beaconstreet: @TomDumontND Do you guys have ideas already for what it’s going to look like?”

A wee bit o’tweaking remains. “@nodoubternate: I see. So is the album fully mastered or is there still tweaking? @TomDumontND”

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