New Tweets from the ”Settle Down” Video Shoot!

YAY,No Doubt is tweeting photos from the ”Settle Down” video shoot today!! We are loving them-thanks to the band for sharing! We hope they have an amazing time shooting the video!

@TomDumontND Adrian preparing for “Settle Down” vid shoot

@AdrianYoungND Video time!! Let’s do this.

@BaxterBeezy hanging at the @nodoubt ‪#settledown‬ shoot!

@baxterbeezy “Tom chillin”

Tom shared that the ”Settle Down” video shoot will last two days and nights-wishing them the very best!!!

@nodoubternate two days/nights. We’ll be going deep into the night

upbeat “@nd_adam: @TomDumontND is Settle Down upbeat or slower?”

@gwenstefani So I guess we r shooting a frick’in video right now – what up!!! Gx

We love how Tom described ”Settle Down” to a fan on Twitter!

@utndfan its got a dancehall beat but a 180 otherwise. Spring reverb-soaked ska guitars propell this one 🙂

The band continued to tweet over night!

still going strong here. Setting up the next shots “@moderationlovin: @TomDumontND How was the video shoot today? Can’t wait to see it!!”

Who’s awake?! Adrian gets a catnap between shots

Halfway through today’s shoot and it’s only 1:30am

Could be the first time @TomDumontND is getting his makeup done at 1:35am. Or maybe not.

yes hopefully a bunch “@GGNDRiRock: @nodoubt Are we getting a “Behind the scenes” video and/or pics for this new video???”

wrapped at 4- home now- time 2sleep“@nodoubter29: @TomDumontND Are you guys still on set? This is so amazing. We really are getting close.”

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