Video: Eve Reminisces about working with Gwen.

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In a new mini-documentary for Complex Magazine about her life and career,rapper Eve reminisces about working with Gwen on the hugely successful ”Let Me Blow Ya Mind”,saying that she had always been a huge fan of Gwen’s and despite the doubts of some in the industry she knew their collaboration would work. She goes on to say that the song gave her new fans and opened doors for her,and that she’s glad it happened-watch at 5:55 in the video below.


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  1. 1Malcolm McCoy

    I love Eve, and I love No Doubt. I respect Eve a whole lot more now, just seeing who she is. I always loved her because she had attitude and style, and I remember seeing her in Missy Elliot’s videos, That Barber Shop Movie, Tambourine, and ect., and Eve please come back! I missed you a lot. (P.S what she said about Gwen is right.)

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