Gwen’s new album: visuals first and making the record after


In a new interview with LA Times, Interscope’s CEO John Janick says that he’s having “unorthodox” ideas for Gwen’s forthcoming album, such as “doing the album visuals first and making the record after”.

Gwen recalls being “driving around on Coldwater Canyon talking to him on the phone and thinking, ‘You’re the record company CEO! You can’t say that there are no rules, to try everything and see what happens,'”, saying that “It’s a scary time now” and that “Artists don’t make money in the same way, and we don’t know who is watching or who even cares. But in the end, John is all about the song, and he’s so passionate about just making something great, that I have to hope that will prevail in the end.”

“Baby Don’t Lie” is the first material being released by Gwen or No Doubt under the command of Janick. The album release date is still uncertain, even though Gwen said in an interview that she’s hoping to have it out in December. Some sources are claiming an early 2015 release though.

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