L.A.M.B. #5 on NewYorkFashionWeek.com’s List of Top 10 Holiday 2011 Collections

The Fall/Winter 2011 L.A.M.B. collection has been ranked #5 on NewYorkFashionWeek.com’s List of Top 10 Holiday 2011 collections!! We think it should have been #1,but love that the fabulous collection was included on such a list.

L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani closed the shows at the end of Fashion Week at The Lincoln Center. There was only one small show that followed. The singer is one of the few celebrity designers that has proven to have staying power. Starting off a decade ago with a small club event she now fills the big room at The Lincoln Center and had to turn away some of her enthusiastic following.

Stefani has found a way to merge her passions for fashion and music. The blonde style icon has earned the right to do whatever she pleases and has always been able to bring her audience along. The key to her success is that she designs for herself. It was a large collection with eight separate sections which she called Soldier Girls, Ragga Muffins, London Girls, Buffalo Girls, Mod Girls and Glamour Girls. These groupings were not as varied as their names might suggest and were mainly distinguishable by the use of accessories and styling. Generally they shared a common elegance and overall sense of purpose and approach.

There was a bit of what every well dressed contemporary woman could want, movie star glam, rock chic, a touch of funky grunge, some masculine, a bit of school girl and world music inspired clothing. The background music and a large projection screen with fast cut images at the end of the runway also helped to separate her categories. Gwen Stefani as a designer and L.A.M.B. have grown well beyond a sideline and is certainly strong enough to exist on its own.

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