New batch of radio interviews with Gwen

Gwen was in Chicago yesterday and called some radio stations to continue to promote her new album and tour.

She called Chicago’s Brady 103.5 KISS FM and talks about how much she loves the city. They talk about Chicago’s famous pizza place Giordano’s. She talks about the tour, her shows, and how this time around it’s to spiritual and how it is like to have the boys around and how they have little jobs backstage.  She talks about how her audiance has changed, and the influence TK has had in music and people. She talks a bit about Blake Shelto, listen to it. At the end they do a “favorite things” with Gwen that it’s kind of cute cause she says Reese’s pieces for candy and old schoolers will remember interviews from around the TK days where she says that those were her favorite.

DJ Tyler Fry starts asking her about TK she talks about the process of writing it. She talks about touring with ND last year and her crazy past year and greatfull she is to be able to share her music with fans. He asks her straigth up about how’s Blake and Gwen diverts to the song they wrote togheter. She talks about her new band and how her audience changed. The talks how she is so into Twitter these days and how she likes to check it every day. She also talks about the bullied fan she brought on stage and how that happened.

I’m sure Gwen did call more radio stations, we will keep updating the posts with more interviews.


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