Download: MOD Expo 1987 Audio!

Hey guys! Any old school NDers over here? I’m adding the awesome MOD Expo 1987 audio concert to EITMedia! What an incredible concert, so much energy on stage! I’ll add the video soon! Click on the image to go to the download page. Enjoy!  

Audio Download: You Are Unique

  Hey guys. Per request I added the unreleased song “You Are Unique” to EITMedia. Click on the image to go to the song page! If you have more requests, don’t hesitate to ask! Enjoy!

Audio Download: “Easy” and “Settle Down” Acoustic Instrumentals!

More and more instrumentals coming No Doubters! The guys at SomeInstrumentals Tumblr really gave us so many precious Christmas gifts! The latest two ones are “Easy” and “Settle Down” acoustic Instrumentals! They also shared Gwen’s “Bubble Pop Electric” instrumental! Click on the links below to go to each download page!

Audio Download: “Easy” Instrumental!

  They keep coming! The awesome SomeInstrumentals Tumblr shared yet another incredible “Push and Shove” instrumental! This time they released the “Easy” instrumental! I absolutely love this song and this is such a special instrumental for me! Click on the image to go to the download page!