The Harajuku Mini Line at Target Will Include Luggage

Thanks so much to GwenStefaniFan from the official No Doubt forum for sharing the info,Gwen’s upcoming Harajuku Mini line at Target will include luggage! He works at a Target store in Michigan and noticed that the store has an endcap already set up for the luggage,including shelf labels on it with the description and prices,meaning that the items should be available soon. He has even shared the item numbers for the luggage! He also noticed in the Target computer system that some stores already have the luggage in stock-it had been announced that the line would be launching at Target stores and at on November 13th. We cannot wait to see all of the kawaii clothes and accessories-in the meantime,if you happen to see the luggage or any other Harajuku Mini items in your local Target stores,please feel free to send in photos!

I work for Target and as you all know, Harajuki Mini launches next month. I noticed today that we have an endcap all set up for the Harajuku Mini luggage. It already has the shelf labels on it with the description and prices, with luggage from the movie Cars temporarily in its place. Since it is already tied to an endcap, that means they are just waiting on the product to come in, so it should be available very soon. I checked in our system and to my surprise many stores already have the luggage in stock. Here are the item numbers if anyone wants to try checking their local Target:

Luggage Tag: 069-03-0087

Cosmetic Case: 069-03-0112

Flight Bag: 069-03-0121

Rolling Luggage: 069-03-0154

If we don’t get ours in stock within the next few days, I may drive to another store to take a look at it. If anyone finds it in their area before I do, I would love to see photos. I will let you guys know when we get ours in if someone else doesn’t find it first.

UPDATE-Thanks again so much to GwenStefaniFan for the info,the luggage is in stock at the Target store he works at in Michigan. The Harajuku Mini line will also apparantly include cosmetic cases,since he shared a photo of the case he bought,which has the same cute print as the rolling luggage: multi colored squares with the faces of G and the Harajuku Girls. He also described the print of the flight bag,which he said is green and has the 4 Harajuku Girls without Gwen on the front. Again,if you see any of the luggage in your local Target store,please let us know!
< The rolling luggage is the same basic pattern, multi colored squares with the faces of G and the Harajuku Girls. The flight bag is a small bag with a shoulder strap. I believe it was greenish and had the 4 Harajuku Girls (no G) on the front. If you bring those item numbers I posted to the Guest Service desk they can check if they have the luggage in stock for you and they can also check other stores in the area. If it is not on the shelf, they may have it in the back. UPDATE 2: Thanks yet again to GwenStefaniFan for the info,his Target store now has the luggage tags in stock-they cost $3.99 and have G’s face on them. He also says that the shoulder flight bag is not green in the front,but rather light blue with different colors in the back and sides:

We got the luggage tags in! The tag is G’s face. It is so cute! I bought two of them, one to put on my luggage and one to save. Only $3.99! As I was buying them, a customer asked “Is that L.A.M.B.? Where did you find those?” She went back to buy one. I think they will be really popular. 🙂

I posted that I thought the shoulder bag was green. The front is actually light blue and the sides and back are different colors.

Also,here is a photo of the rolling luggage from Lil Sugar:

UPDATE 3: We now have photos of the shoulder bag and the luggage tag:

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