Video of No Doubt Performing ”Big City Train” in 1989

UPDATE: We added an mp3 of the performance to EIT Media.

Thanks so very much to Raw420Films for uploading to youtube an awesome rare video of No Doubt performing ”Big City Train” with Alan Meade during their show at John Anson Ford Theater in Hollywood on April 1,1989!! Raw420Films is the same production company that uploaded the classic 1991 “Discovering Gwen Stefani” interview a few years ago,as well as the short film ”Discovering No Doubt” back in August that contained more rare old-school footage. Producer and director Richard Alan White from Raw420Films maintains that he has the masters of the footage and that he is giving careful consideration to producing a full-fledged “No Doubt Rockumentary”,explaining that ”there is so much footage it would be best in a DVD/ Bluray format.” He again provided a PayPal link for donations to Raw420Films to help fund the project. We certainly hope that his plan for an old-school No Doubt documentary comes to fruition since we’d love to see more gems like this!

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