Happy 11th Anniversary to Gwen and Gavin!

UPDATE: Aw,Gwen tweeted this adorable throwback photo (it appears to be circa 1997) of herself and Gavin!!! We hope they are having a wonderful anniversary celebration!!


All of us here at EIT wish a very Happy 11th wedding anniversary to Gwen and Gavin!!! As everyone knows,Gwen and Gavin,who have been together since 1996,were married on September 14,2002 at St Paul’s Church in London;another ceremony was held two weeks later in Los Angeles at the home of Jimmy Iovine. Gwen and Gavin are such an amazing couple-we hope they have a wonderful celebration and wish continued happiness to them and their family!

Remember Gwen and Gavin’s awesome duets together in 2000,2003 and at last year’s KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas?

In honor of Gwen and Gavin’s anniversary today,PopSugar has put together a sweet photo gallery of the couple’s adorable moments through the years.

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