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How exciting! During a backstage L.A.M.B. show interview with ChicReport,Gwen revealed that she would be shooting the cover of Elle magazine today!Can’t wait to see her on the cover again!

Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. ended fashion week with a bang last night at the tents. Chic Report caught up with the singer, designer, wife and mommy before her collection, and found out what cover she’ll be on next!

What do your kids think of your gig as a fashion designer?

They’re excited. We were playing beauty shop before I came here. I’m trying to get my son Kingston to let me straighten his hair. He was into it. I think I have about six more months of that, and he’s likely to be over it because he’s four and a half.

Kingston was so cute on the runway at the end of your show in September.

He’s always cute.

You’re a fashion icon to many. Who is Gwen’s fashion icon?

I love Vivienne Westwood, John Galiano, Bjork, Julie Andrews….

What do you call your hairstyle?

I don’t know. A q-tip puff? I don’t know what it is!

Do you get nervous?

Nope. I’m not nervous. I do get nervous right before the models go on. I get nervous before I’m going to walk out because it’s just so different than a concert. Maybe this time I won’t!

What will you do to celebrate the collection tonight?

I have to shoot tomorrow, I don’t have to, I get to shoot the cover of Elle tomorrow. So I probably won’t be celebrating too much. I’ll be getting some ZZZZZ’s.

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