Gwen on E!News Tonight

Just caught a rerun of E! News from last night,and host Ryan Seacrest said that Gwen will be on the episode of E! News airing tonight,September 17;he said she will be giving a behind-the scenes look at her L.A.M.B. runway show at Lincoln Center.E! News airs on E! at 7 PM EST and repeats at 11:30 PM EST.

EDIT:Watched the E! News clip-it wasn’t a very long segment.They mentioned the tribal-inspired prints and that the kids were there.Gwen said that Kingston and Zuma like to get dressed up,and that Kingston has his own opinions on things-she said he didn’t want the nanny to wear heels to the fashion show,lol.Gavin said that he was ”feeling really proud of Gwen,as always”.When asked to describe the collection,Gwen said it is ”sparkly,colorful,fun,summery,and happy.” The Maybelline makeup artist for the show,Charlotte Willer,said the models’ makeup was ”glamorous punk.”

Gwen was also just briefly on The Daily 10 on E!.It was mainly ther same quotes from the E!News segment,except there was a longer soundbite from Gavin where he said that it was a major achievement to see all of Gwen’s hard work come to fruition.

EDIT AGAIN:Video of the E News segment:

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