Gavin Says That Gwen Isn’t a Fan of Rock Music

In a new interview with Kerrang! Magazine,Gavin shares that Gwen isn’t a big fan of rock music (he’s mentioned in the past that she doesn’t share his love for bands like Tool and Fugazi) and that he doesn’t know if she likes his music because he’s never asked her. We think Gavin is being too modest,since Gwen has not only complimented Gavin’s songwriting in the past,she’s also sung background vocals on several of his songs,including the newer Bush song ”The Afterlife” and even tweeted photos and videos while rocking out at Bush’s concerts in London last November. Gavin also said yet again that he and Gwen don’t compare career success. They are such an amazing couple!

Gavin Rossdale has ‘never asked’ wife Gwen Stefani if she is a fan of his music.

The British musician is known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Bush. Gwen rose to prominence in ska band No Doubt, before embarking on a solo pop career.

Gavin says his partner isn’t a fan of his genre of music, so he doesn’t bother asking her if she approves of the band’s records.

‘My wife doesn’t actually like rock music,’ he told Kerrang! magazine. ‘I don’t know [if she likes my music.] I’ve never asked her.’

Gavin added the pair don’t compare career success as ‘that would be stupid, cos she’s now a pop superstar’.

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