No Doubt’s Twitter Page Hacked

We just wanted to mention that late last night No Doubt’s Twitter page was unfortunately hacked by someone promoting US presidential candidate Ron Paul;other celebrity Twitter accounts were hacked,as well. The tweets were quickly deleted,but it’s been getting some media attention,so we just wanted to make clear that No Doubt has NOT endorsed Mr. Paul,nor would they would ever ask fans to make a political donation. Hopefully this won’t happen again.

This was one of the fake tweets:

“@nodoubt Today We Officially Endorse Ron Paul 2012 Donate to him here #ronpaulrevolution”

UPDATE: No Doubt has now tweeted to confirm that their Twitter page was hacked and that they are not endorsing any politicians at this time. Thanks to ND for confirming this-again,we are so sorry that their Twitter was hacked and we hope it doesn’t happen again.

Our Twitter account was hacked last night. No political endorsements at this time. Love, No Doubt

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