No Doubt Tweet to Wish Happy Birthday to Tom!!

Yay,No Doubt tweeted to wish Tom a very Happy Birthday! Again,we hope Tom has an awesome day-don’t forget to tweet your birthday messages for Tom @TomsBirthday and post in the Happy Birthday Tom thread on the ND forum!

Happy Birthday to. one and only Tom Dumont! With love from your band mates Tony, Adrian & Gwen

UPDATE: Aw,Tom just just tweeted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!! We hope he is having a wonderful birthday-we can’t wait for new ND music to invade our ears!

A big thank you to all my friends in the ND twitterverse for the B-day wishes 2day. Hope to see you all and 2 invade your ears soon! -Tom

1 thought on “No Doubt Tweet to Wish Happy Birthday to Tom!!

  1. Amanda G says:

    LOL I remember Tom saying WAY back in the day that he never got Bush’s music and it seemed like they were just rehashing something that had already been done (Nirvana.)

    I’m sure Gwen loves his music because it’s a piece of him.


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