Favorite Brit/Yank Couples

Another slow news week,but just in time for the Fourth of July holiday,YourTango has compiled a list of their favorite British/American couples.Not surprisingly,Gwen and Gavin,who have been together for 14 years,are high on the list:

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Our 5 Favorite Brit/Yank Couples

Although most of us Yankees will be celebrating the United States’ independence from Great Britain, there are some who have bridged the gap between our countries with love. Here now is a list of famous Americans who have pledged allegiance to their British spouses.

2.Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale – While touring with No Doubt in 1995, Gwen met Bush’s chick-magnet singer/guitarist, Gavin, and the rest is history. The pair married seven years later—with one wedding in London and one in Los Angeles. The two hit a rough patch in 2004, when his ex-girlfriend, British designer Pearl Lowe, revealed that Gavin was the real father of her daughter Daisy. However, Gwen didn’t declare her independence from Gavin. She stuck by her man and now has two children with him.

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