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fall20From Rachel
Finishing off my Fashion Week Q&A series with a rock star bang—literally—I have a very exciting guest for you all today, my worshiped friend, Gwen Stefani! Equal parts music and style icon, she draws inspiration from both as the designing mind of luxury brand, L.A.M.B. (an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby), a label that seamlessly represents her own flirty and fearless personal style. Now in its eighth year of production, I caught up with Gwen just before her F/W 11 show to get the inside scoop on her influences, design approach and what she is coveting for fall. Enjoy her answers below and check back into The Zoe Report next week for its regularly scheduled programming! xoRZ

RZ: You have been a prominent fashion and music icon for over fifteen years. How does music influence your personal style, both in your own wardrobe and L.A.M.B.?
GS: Music and fashion have always come from the same creative place inside of me. So if I’m really inspired by something musically, chances are that inspiration will also come up in what I’m wearing and in what I’m designing.

RZ: The world of L.A.M.B. is an umbrella, which encompasses apparel, accessories, footwear and all—how do you balance it all? Do you take on each area with the same design approach?
GS: There are certain common themes and inspirations that you see in most everything I do. There’s the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine and Hollywood glamour mixed with bold prints and Asian-inspired designs. I also have amazing teams that I collaborate with for each project, which makes it all possible. Collaborating is a big part of everything I do whether it’s music or fashion. I love the whole creative process in general and I always love to have an opinion so it makes a difference when you get to collaborate with great people.

RZ: I love the print perfect vibe of your is S/S 11 collection, what was your inspiration behind it?
GS: I always love prints but I also think they are really hard to do. But with the spring collection I really think we got it right. One of my favorite prints of the collection is the butterfly print, which was actually born out of a piece of fabric that was initially a mistake. Fashion is funny that way…inspiration and ideas can come from the most unexpected places sometimes.

RZ: You are never fully dressed without _____ .
GS: I’m prepping for my fall show right now and I can’t wait to wear the amazing fall jackets in a few months.

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