Be Sure to Check out NxDArchive on Tumblr!!

Yay,thanks to NxDArchive for letting us know that his awesome tumblr page is back up and running! The page has featured awesome rare ND photos and clippings in the past,and NxDArchive has now kindly uploaded and transcibed even more articles,including one from January 1995. NxDArchive asks only that fans refrain from posting any content found on the tumblr page anywhere else on the web and not erase imprint on photos. Be sure to follow and keep checking the page for more ND goodies!

1 thought on “Be Sure to Check out NxDArchive on Tumblr!!

  1. nxdarchive says:

    Hey guys, thanks a ton for the mention! I really appreciate it! I hope you guys and other ND fans enjoy it! 🙂


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