Exclusive pictures from TIWTTFL tour


During the tour, some fans sent us their pictures from some of Gwen’s shows during the summer, some we posted here and some are brand new. We have now added all of them to our EIT Gallery and wanted to share with you all and once again thank the fans that sent us those pictures, words cannot express. See bellow all the new galleries added and the names of the people that contributed.


Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati – 08/09/16 (Part 1) – Pictures by Anita Rider
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati – 08/09/16 (Part 2) – Pictures by Ted Harter
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, St. Louis – 08/10/16 – Pictures by Matthew Saltsman and Justin Woosley
Sprint Center, Kansas City – 08/12/16 – Pictures by Kristin Catherman
The Forum, Los Angeles – 10/15/16 – Pictures by Michelle Villafuerte

Thank you guys once again for sharing your memories with us!

2 thoughts on “Exclusive pictures from TIWTTFL tour

  1. Anita Rider says:

    Yay!! Y’all used my pictures!! I must make 1 correction… My last name hasn’t been Harmeyer for almost 5 years now. (No clue how to change it in my email account.) Anyhow…. Thanks for including my pictures!! I hope everyone enjoys them!!

    1. Cynthia says:

      Hi Anita!! I changed your last name 😉
      Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!


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