New Gwen Interview with The Hollywood Reporter

Another new interview this week! Gwen recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter while in Cannes-she talked about her experience on the Cannes red carpet,style,the new ND album,and even a possible return to the big screen! It was also revealed that the L’Oreal commercial she shot in Cannes,which reportedly premieres in September,was for L’Oréal Paris False Lash Mascara.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Clad in a floor-length ivory gown with her platinum blond locks pulled back into a voluminous hair-sprayed bob, highlighting her dramatic smoky eye makeup and long, thick lashes, Gwen Stefani’s beauty team was still putting the final touches on her hair and makeup for the day’s L’Oréal Paris False Lash Mascara commercial shoot when The Hollywood Reporter arrived. While she may be famous for her hit single “Don’t Speak,” Stefani had plenty to say when she sat down to chat at a private villa in Cannes — she dished about her love of all things French, No Doubt’s future plans and her iconic glam-rock style.

The Hollywood Reporter: What are you doing in Cannes?

Gwen Stefani: I’ve always wanted to come and I’ve never been. So finally, I got this great opportunity to do the amFar benefit [during the Cannes Film Festival] with L’Oréal and I’m shooting a commercial for them.

THR: You’re a red carpet regular, but was it different being on the Cannes red carpet?

Stefani: There were a lot of photographers [at Tree of Life premiere] … that wasn’t that big of a deal, but I think the big, big deal was when they started slamming my song really loudly — “Hollaback Girl” came on I was like “whoa, what’s going on?” That was really exciting. I’ve been to premieres before, but this was just different. It was so formal and official and French and glamorous.

THR: Describe your Cannes experience?

Stefani: Being in France just feels so glamorous. I love working here and playing here. One of my favorite shows we ever did on my last tour was right outside of Paris. I thought they’d be more laidback here, but it was the most outrageous audience we played for. It’s one of my best memories.

THR: Any favorite memories from this trip?

Stefani: We have some friends here so we’ve been living their glamorous life with them and just doing a lot of wine and a lot of food — the food is just so delicious — and having a little break from making the record. It’s been great.

THR: You always manage to look stunning on the red carpet. What are your beauty secrets?

Stefani: No secrets. For me this whole thing is just fun and creative.

THR: How would you describe your relationship to fashion?

Stefani: I love anything that’s a creative outlet so when you find that perfect dress it’s such a fun thing. It’s almost like having a wedding every time [I get ready] because its a big moment and you get to wear this amazing, glamorous dress and you get all made up and have a different look. It’s like Halloween too. I love it and I never get sick of it. I love getting dressed up. I’d run home from school and put on makeup and play dress up my whole life so this is nothing new.

THR: What’s your red carpet style?

Stefani: I enjoy having different looks, trying to change it up, but I can never get away from myself. There’s always been this thread since I was in ninth grade, but I enjoy getting dressed up. I love the girly girl part of it all.

THR: What projects are you working on now?

Stefani: A record with No Doubt, so we’ve been writing for about a year. It takes a long time for us, but it’s an incredible record and I can’t wait to share it. Out of all of the things that I do, the music is the fire that’s fueled everything else. We’ve worked so hard on it — it’s been fun with the band. We’re at a different level of friendship and loyalty and loving each other so much and the music is a reflection of that. The reward will be sharing it with people and then doing the videos and coming to play on tour.

THR: Do you have any plans to star on the big screen?

Stefani: Never say never. In my life you never know what’s going to happen next.

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