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Tom updated his personal website to invite fans to follow him on music site Rdio,a company his brother works for.He had posted a link to Rdio on his site a couple of months ago and now explains the site is like ”all-you-can eat iTunes” that costs $5 a month and enables you to listen to music and make playlists. Looks like right now Tom is listening to a lot of Fleet Foxes,Gorillaz, and Laura Marling. Thanks to Tom for sharing!!

My brother started working at this Music company in San Francisco called Rdio, so I signed up and it’s kind of amazing.

It’s a legal, licensed, unlimited music site/app that lets you listen to as much music you want. Sort of an all-you-can eat iTunes for $5 bucks a month. Make playlists, etc.

To find out more click here.

If you are already on Rdio, click here to follow me and see what I’m listening to.


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