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First of all, how cute is this picture of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale? I mean, they are just too sweet!

Sorry, had to get that out – now let’s talk about the No Doubt tour.

Gwen Stefani is worried about taking her two sons on tour with No Doubt. The singer – who shares two children, nine-month-old Zuma and three year old Kingston, with her husband – is concerned about how her bandmates will cope with her growing entourage.

“Before, when I was with the guys, I didn’t have any kids. That’s like, whoa, a huge deal. They dynamic of the band is different. It has to be.

“I’ve got two babies and their nanny, and an assistant, and my security, and a hairdresser. It’s not as much of a party, but that’s what I need in order to perform every night.”

Whatever it takes Gwen! I can’t wait to see you in concert!!

Things have changed a bit this time around. Instead of sharing one bus and taking the trip together, Gwen admitted that each band member will have their own ride. She tells Spin magazine:

“When you’ve still got the endorphins going from the show, it’s so much fun to all be on the same bus, hanging out and drinking champagne. But there’s no way that can happen anymore!”

Can you imagine seeing all those buses driving by and one person is in each of them?! At least on Gwen’s bus there will be a few people.

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