Another Photo of Gwen’s Wedding Gown on Display at Bendigo Art Gallery in Australia

Thanks so much to our good friend Bec from No Doubt Australia for sharing a photo she took of Gwen’s Galliano wedding dress(and Gavin’s wedding suit)on display at the Bendigo Art Gallery in Victoria,Australia. As many fans know,the dress is part of The White Wedding Dress exhibit commissioned by London’s V & A Museum,whom Gwen donated the dress to. The exhibit will be on display at Bendigo until November 6 before moving to the Museum of New Zealand-Te Papa Tongarewa,where it is opening on December 17. We had posted more photos from the display here. The display truly is lovely-Gwen was such a beautiful bride!

i went to go and see Gwen’s wedding dress on display today, it was pretty cool to get to see in person! here’s a sneaky photo i took at the exhibition in Bendigo. just a reminder it finished November 6th so make sure you go check it out if you can.

EDIT- Here are bigger versions of the display photos of Gwen and Gavin’s wedding attire,and the blown-up picture of them kissing outside the church on their wedding day,thanks again to Bec.

it was a two hour drive from my place but i couldn’t not go see it when something so important of Gwen’s was in the same state as me!
there’s not much to say, but it was really nice, they had a mirror set up behind so you could see the back as well. they veil also had pink in it, and it was cool to see what shoes she wore (i can’t recall ever seeing a good photo of them).
Gavin’s outfit was there too and they mentioned how Winston was the ring bearer and that it set a trend for pets in weddings haha.

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