Vote for Gwen in BellaSugar’s Reader’s Choice Most Inspirational Beauty Awards!

BellaSugar is having a bracket vote where fans can choose the female celebrity who is the most beautiful inside and out,and of course Gwen is included! Gwen is so gorgeous and is such a wonderful role model,she truly deserves to win! She is up against Beyonce and other celebs in the various rounds,let’s help her advance each time and be crowned Most Inspirational Beauty! Voting ends on March 20,so please be sure to vote and spread the word to any No Doubters you know!

Click here to vote for Gwen in BellaSugar’s Reader’s Choice Most Inspirational Beauty Awards!!


There’s something especially inspiring about a star who’s beautiful inside and out. She’s confident, kind, generous, intelligent, and a worthy role model. In a word: gorgeous. We’ve put together a list of our favorite beauties and need your help picking the most inspiring of them all. Start by clicking below, and go through the first-round matchups by picking your favorite inspirational woman each time. Once you’ve done that, we’ll take your favorites and pair them against each other until we crown the readers’ choice for the most inspirational beauty!

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