New Tweets: Tom Playing Guitar in the Studio

New tweets from the studio! Hope Tom and the rest of the band have fun today!

Starting the day with guitars courtesy of Mr. Dumont

YAY,No Doubt just shared that Gabe and Steve will be joining them in the studio tomorrow to record horns!! It’s getting so close now!! Hope they have an amazing time!

@GabrialMcNair @BaxterBeezy coming through tomorrow to record horns!

Steve replied!

@BaxterBeezy RT @nodoubt: @GabrialMcNair @BaxterBeezy coming through tomorrow to record horns!Looking forward to makin some great music with my pals!!!

Gabe also shared the exciting news on his facebook page!!
Yes, Yes, Yes!!! That’s right, my tweeters and tweetettes! It’s no rumor! Tomorrow, my partner in crime, Mr. Stephen Bradley and I will be joining our good friends in the studio to lay down some horns on the new No Doubt Record. Big Fun.

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