Vote for ”Don’t Speak” in Popdust’s Greatest Love Song Poll


Just in time for Valentine’s day,Popdust is having a poll asking fans to vote for the Greatest Love Song Since You Were Born,and ”Don’t Speak” is in the running! The classic song is up against ”Only One” by BoA in Round 1,which ends tomorrow,February 6th,at 10 AM EST. Be sure to vote and spread the vote for No Doubt to win!


Is it February already? Those with significant others out there are no doubt all too aware that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love will shortly be all around us. During that period, expect these 32 songs—our nominees for the Greatest Love Song Since You Were Born—to get a whole lot of airtime. While all are likely to soundtrack at least a handful of romantic nights out (or tearful nights in) this February 14th, only one can be the best love song of a generation.

Our 32 nominees are broken into four categories—Call Me Maybe (songs about falling in love), Crazy in Love (songs about being so deep in love you might go nuts), I Will Always Love You (songs about more of a long-term love) and The One That Got Away (songs about love that wasn’t meant to last). Help us decide which is the best of them all by voting now for your favorite love song in our tournament below, and vote as many times as you want!

Greatest Love Song: Round One

This round closes Wednesday, February 6th at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Please note! Vote totals update every two minutes, so you won’t see your vote register immediately.

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