Watch Gwen’s Fan-Made Birthday Video!

Yay,the video for Gwen’s birthday put together by @marylily2 and featuring Happy Birthday messages for Gwen from fans around the world is now finished-watch it below! It is such a wonderful video-many thanks to Mary and all the fans who took part in the video!! We hope Gwen sees it and has an amazing birthday celebration tomorrow!

Happy 42nd birthday to miss Gwen Stefani from every Gwenabee and No Doubter in the world. We love you so much beautiful lady, big kiss! xo

If you have Twitter,don’t forget to tweet your birthday wishes for Gwen on the special account @GwensBirthday. Also,let’s try and get #HappyBirthdayGwen trending on Twitter tomorrow-be sure to include that hashtag in all your tweets and spread the word!!!UPDATE-This is so sweet-Gavin tweeted about the video after @GGNDRiRock sent him the link to it! Congrats to Mary on Gavin complimenting her video! It’s so cute what Gavin says about Gwen,too.

@GGNDRiRock @nodoubt @thingsweheart a very sweet video.for a radical beautiful girl.

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