Videos: Rock Steady recording sessions

No Doubt has shared videos from the Rock Steady recording sessions in Jamaica that were originally posted on back in 2001! Check them out!

UPDATE: has posted an announcemnt about the hour-long No Doubt special airing on E! on September 24 that features a quote from Tony about the Jamaica recording session videos:

On September 24, 2012, E! will air an hour long special celebrating the release of Push And Shove and the 26 year career of No Doubt. Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian went deep into their personal archives to gather content exclusively for the feature. Pieces of this content will be revealed daily on the band’s Facebook Page, leading up to the premiere of E! Entertainment Special: No Doubt this Monday.

Tony had this to say after rediscovering “The Jamaica Sessions” and watching the series again over 10 years later:

“We’ve been going through a ton of older footage recently and we came across this four part series that documented our inspiring trip to Jamaica during the making of our Rock Steady album in 2001. This footage brought back so many good memories that we wanted to share it with you again. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we do.” – Tony

Also,just to mention it,I had uploaded the classic Adrian Frog Clip from the Jamaica recording sessions to youtube a couple of years ago:

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