Videos: MTV’s Becoming Gwen Stefani Show from 2002

Thanks to our good friend Heather from for uploading the classic MTV Becoming: Wannabe Gwen Stefani show from 2002 in which 3 young Gwenabees vied to win a Gwen lookalike contest. Heather also uploaded another short clip from a 2002 VH1 segment with Danilo sharing tips on how to get Gwen’s ‘’Hella Good’’ video faux hawk hairstyle.

2 thoughts on “Videos: MTV’s Becoming Gwen Stefani Show from 2002

  1. Tracy says:

    This is amazingggg! I auditioned for this!! and I found myself in a few quick shots haha. Oh memories! They also had a Wannabees Part 2 for Gwen!


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