More Rare No Doubt Footage Courtesy of Raw420Films

Thanks yet again to Raw420Films for uploading to youtube more videos with rare footage of No Doubt from their show at UC Irvine on March 3,1991,including backstage footage and a performance of ”Let’s Get Back”! Gwen is wearing onstage the jailhouse suit that she was seen making in the famous “Discovering Gwen Stefani” interview that Raw420Films shared a few years ago and in the first video below. Raw420Films had posted more backstage and rehearsal footage from this show back in August. We are so appreciative of Raw420Films for sharing all of this old-school footage!! Again,producer and director Richard Alan White from Raw420Films says that he has the masters of the footage and that he is giving careful consideration to producing a full-fledged “No Doubt Rockumentary”,setting up a PayPal account for donations to Raw420Films to help fund the project.

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