Gavin Says He’s Been A ‘Helpful Accelerator’ to ND

This is cool and kind of funny-while being interviewed by KROQ’s Kevin and Bean during his band Bush’s recent secret show in LA,Gavin was asked if the Bush reunion was in any way delaying the release of the new No Doubt album(kind of a bizarre question,but we digress). Gavin answered that if anything,he has been a ”helpful accelerator” of the process,but for what he said are selfish reasons,explaining that when Gwen is touring with No Doubt,he doesn’t have to feel guilty about being away from home touring with Bush. (Bush will be going on an extensive US and European tour this fall in support of their new album,”The Sea of Memories”,which is out next week.) You can hear Gavin’s comments about it starting at 3:55 in the video below.

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